A new kind of water activity

Those who respect sports and are not afraid to try everything new. Feel a charge of energy and an indescribable feeling of free flight.

How to use

Seabike — portable water bike designed for snorkeling and diving. Compact and lightweight, convenient to take on a trip.

Keep a distance of several kilometers with a moderate expenditure of power, save the air in the tank. You can swim in the sea and in fresh water.

2,8 kg
Rated speed
1 m/sec
Max speed
2,2 m/sec
Packing size
46×15×15 cm

Discover the unusual underwater world of Mauritius. Swim on the surface of the water without effort. For convenience, use the Seabike board with a viewing hole.

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For beginners lovers of Seabike swimming in calm water.

Very stable and easy to use board. Quick-release mechanism allows you to rigidly attach the seabike to the board.

When folded, the board and pump are placed in a small bag.

  • — Main material: 5-centimeter thick porous fiber-plastic
  • — The surface is made of highly durable wear-resistant materials
  • — Non-slip surface on the top side of the board
  • — Lateral reinforcement material for special strength

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Explore the coral reefs of Mauritius using Seabike. You will discover the beauty of the underwater world, and Seabike will not let you get tired. Swim long distances, saving power and air in the tank.

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Height setting The height adjustment allows the use of a bike person of any height.
The integration of various complex technologies has led to the creation of a water bike, which is not only reliable, but also easy to use.
Seabike is disassembled and stored or transported in a small bag of 46×15×15 cm in size, convenient to carry in hand luggage